How do I use Moslow with VDBsound

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Jeman J

How do I use Moslow with VDBsound

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I love how vdbsound just handles everything, but i'm trying to play my games and tehy run too fast.. i've got moslow, but i dont know how to get vmd to take account for it as I'm on an XP platform and have to right click the game and say run with vmd.. HELP..
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John The Ax
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Create a shortcut with the command line needed to run moslo and the game and then right-click that to use VDM sound.
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:bday: That's me!!

Ok.. here's the deal, I created a new shortcut.. the target line i gave it was..

D:\wc\ /1 wc.exe

and this is created in the same directory that both my game wc and my program moslo exist.

however, when i right click on this short cut, the run vdms isnt one of the options.

Can you possibly give me a step by step instructions in getting this right?

also does it make sense that i'd have to run moslo at like 1 percent in order to get my transmeta crusoe processer 758 mhz to run like my old 486?
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