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Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 1:26 am
by dosraider
No idea what the problem is. You probably screwed up your files. :D


Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 4:09 pm
by Guardian12
well, can u help me wit teh SWOTL Manager 2 file thing to use custom airkraft???? :upset:

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 4:52 pm
by dosraider
Not really, you have to understand that my SWOTL days are long gone, so it's all from memory.
I really don't intend to reinstall SWOTL, it's really game over for me, that one.
And I have the full original game, so it's even doubtfull that the mods that work flawless on my game will work on your version. -(I have the floppies :) )-

Best thing you can do is google to find the old forum archives and read those.
The old SWOTL forums are dead, but still archived and findable.

Don't remember what links I pm'd you, was this one included?
Pretty good readings there about SWOTL. (old stuff of course :/ )

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 5:31 pm
by Guest
well put those mods on here, it wont hurt to try. :devil:

p.s. I already know about that site and I email him be4 i post and he count help me.


Posted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:20 pm
by Guardian
Long time no see guys. I am only reviving this old topic for closure and archiving, assuming that you stay alive and kicking for a while. I got the game to run without bugs and with a smooth frame rate and everything. The computer it was on crashed and the hard drive was put into another computer, the game and it's method of being run was lost. I eventually found the game and put it once again on the my main hard drive along with dos box. I couldn't figure out how the game worked, and which one was a copy and which one was a failure of a mod project; so I downloaded a copy of the game. This is completely legal because I have the game both on floppy and cd along with all expansion packs. I finally got the game to run once again thanks to a guide I found on Glen's guides, which I will not link to because it has a d/l link for the game on it. That version is the original version with the code wheel still in tact. If you want to get the code wheel, you can buy one (like I did) off ebay or you can google it.

You will need: Dos Box, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe files from either the CD or from the internet (Which is ONLY LEGAL if you have BOUGHT the game in floppy form or CD form)

1 Put the cd into your cd reader on your pc.
2 The disk should be "disk drive letter":\LUCAS\SWOTL as the disk hierarchy.
3 Go to the top level of your cd (you should just see LUCAS or Lucas folder)
4 Click the Lucas/LUCAS folder and press ctrl+c or right click and click copy
5 Open My Computer and click the C drive/ your computer's main disk drive.
6 Once there just press ctrl+v to paste it in or right click and click paste.
7 Open Dos Box (latest version)
8 Bump up the cpu cycles to 5500 (press alt+f12?)
9 Type (without quotes) "mount c c:\lucas\swotl" hit enter
10 Type "c:" hit enter
11 Type "sw" hit enter.
At this point the game will start up and show a demo.
Press Space to get the the joystick calibration screen.
Follow the on-screen instructions. If you have downloded it from the glenns guides link then now you will have to put in the code wheel. Just follow the instructions to get the correct word. If you bought the CD then you do not have to worry about this.

Here is a guide of what buttons do what in the game:

@mods: feel free to take out the guide reference if you feel that it could lead people to get the game for free. I am only writing this to help people solve their issue with the game that I was having. I do not condone pirating of games and am not responsible for anything.

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:59 am
by dosraider
Guardian wrote:......
8 Bump up the cpu cycles to 5500 (press alt+f12?).....

Point 5-9
Best read the tutorials if you're on Vista-Win7 , for most that path will not work.

SWOTL missing utilities...

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 5:46 pm
by Brandoinesco
Trying to install from a CD ROM. Mounted everything and now it is telling me I am missing utilities such as append, etc. The previous zshare lin is expired. anyone know where I can get the files from?

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 11:18 pm
by dosraider

Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 4:14 pm
by eddywinch82
Hi there,

I am running a bought copy of this game Version 2.2, in DOSBOX 0.74. And I need help, with installing the Modules, The Official Mods Website, with all the Downloads, can still be found on Web Archive Search Engine. The instructions supplied with the Mods, are not complete instructions. I almost successfully installed the Africa Module, but the Aircraft internal and external views, are incorrect.

I.e. the Ju88, taking place of the He162 Volksjager, still has the external and internal views of that Aircraft. Does anyone have usuable Batch Files, or complete instructions, for installing each Module. This is what my Africa Module Batch File Code, looks like, modified from the Original :-

IF "%1" == "" GOTO HELP
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\G50BIS.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\ME262A.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\HE111H6.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\DO335.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\FW190A4.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\FW190A5.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\BF109E7.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\BF109G6.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\BF109F4.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\BF109G10.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\B17E.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\B17F.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\afkday.clr C:\swotlafricatest\AC\vga.pac
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\P38g.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\P38J.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\b17f.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\B17G.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\p38f.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\P38H.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\a36a.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\P51B.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\spit5c.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\P51D.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\hurr2d.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\P47C.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\hurr2c.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\P47D.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\p40e.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\P80.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\JU87d.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\GO229.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\ju88a4.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\HE162.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\c202.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\ME163B.SPC
COPY C:\swotlafricatest\AC\BF110d3.EXP C:\swotlafricatest\AC\FW190A8.SPC

Do you have to do the same swapping with the .INT .EXT and .PAC Files, do get the correct external and internal Views of the Aircraft, as the instructions supplied with the Mod said to do, I copied the Lucasarts, Their Finest Hour Game Aircraft .PAC Files into my Africa Swotl Mod AC Folder.

Any help anyone could give me would be much appreciated.


Eddie Winch