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90’s birds-eye-view assassin game

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2021 10:17 am
by Ambrosa
Pretty sure it was Windows but I was pretty young and not great with computers. So maybe DOS?
Goal of the game was to avoid being killed by the person who was trying to kill you while you hunted the person you were supposed to kill. There were multiple other "bystanders" in the playing field that you got negative points for killing and who might accidentally kill you as they were also trying to assassinate each other. Once you took out your target you would be assigned another target out of the remaining characters. And I think if you figured out which character was hunting you and you killed them first you got more points.
Playing field was Birds-eye-view of a maze type arena. No other objects that I can remember.
Your weapons included things like regular gun, rocket launcher, slime/toxic gas bomb that you fired. No idea how you got the different weapons but ammunition was definitely limited.
The biggest thing about this game was that you had a number of moves that everyone would play in a round but they would planned out and then everyone hits "play" and all the characters would do their programmed actions. So to kill your target you would have to guess where they were going to move in this round and program your guy to intercept them.
I am not 100% sure that you could play other people or if all the characters were computer generated.