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2D Browser Game with Cuphead vibes with a Samurai

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 5:49 pm
by patric
You start as a flying Samurai. The character's movement is controlled by the mouse and you could move on the entire screen (like in Chicken Invaders, but the game progresses from left to right/ enemies come from the right).
You must kill the enemies with your fast shooting projectiles while avoiding them and and their attacks, somewhat like in the Cuphead game. Lots of projectiles to avoid and enemies moving everywhere.

Each character you may play (there was also a Ninja which shoots with kunai and 1-2 others I can't remember) has a unique ability to destroy almost everything on screen. The enemies drop coins which you can use at the end to buy equipment with a gazillion possible effects (like enemies drop % more gold, HP, etc.).

There were 3-4 areas with an end boss each (the background changes and the enemies are different).. After you complete the first one you go to a spooky area like a graveyard.

The game has retro/ pixelated graphics and I used to play it in a browser. I would say around 2010 but the game could be older than that. The music was repetitive but very catchy I could recognize it in an instant :laugh:

I don't know what else to say about it. Hope that is enough. I wish everybody a great day!