2D Spaceship turn-based strategy game

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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2D Spaceship turn-based strategy game

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I've played this game on my old windows pc when I'm around 10 years old (around 2009) but the game might be older. I played a lot of games on an emulator back then so I probably played this one on an emulator as well. Although, I don't remember the platform of the game, sorry.

I believe it is a 4x game. I don't know much about the genre but It looks similar to a lot of old 4x game I found while searching.
Here's some details I remember about the game, mainly what it looks like.

- I never finish the game, but I think the objective is to capture every planets and eliminate other faction's leader.
- The graphic is in 2D and the characters look anime-ish.
- There are 4 factions, red, green. blue, and yellow. Every faction has 1 leader and a bunch of commander leading a fleet of ships.
- Every faction start with different number of planets. Blue owns the most planet on the right side of the map. Yellow is 2nd most on the left side.
Green owns the bottom side. Red has only one planet in the middle of the map.
- On the main screen every ships move in real time. When you engage in a battle, it changes in to a turn-base strategy combat (similar to Advance Wars)
- Green's ships look like a turtle, and Blue's ships look like they have horns.
- You can upgrade ships and buy troops. I don't know much about this part because all I do is go around fighting.
- You can convert the enemy commander to your side and also get the planets they owned.

I found a game similar to this on Steam called "Chaos Galaxy" and I'll probably try it out.

Thanks a lot for your help!
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