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Top down medieval fantasy RPG with a girl turning into a raven/a crow - 2005-2008

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 8:23 am
by ToxicAngel

I am looking for an old top down rpg maker style game

I remember you start off in a house in the middle of the forest looking for a girl (if I remember correctly its your wife but I am not sure) that you later find out turned into a raven or a crow on a cliff.

I remember you play as a hunter.

after leaving the house you go to a town, you can hunt and lay traps for animals and such.

later I remember you need to escape a castle with some other party members and you need to sneak around the guards there.

Thank you so much!

(I am not totally sure about the year, but if I am not mistaken that is the time I played it more or less)