Console Dungeon Crawler from 2010 or earlier

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Console Dungeon Crawler from 2010 or earlier

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I don't remember much about the game because I was so young but:

It was on console. (I don't remember which one but it wasn't on PC)
It was multiplayer. I played it at a friend's house in elementary school.
It was a dungeon crawler. There were multiple different areas that we cleared through with different types of monsters in each. Slime type monsters in the sewer portion and skeletons and undead types in the crypt area.
There were three playable characters to choose from. There was a female character, a male character, and a male dwarf type character.
I played this in the early 2000s (definitely before 2010) but the game could have been older than that.
There was kind of a top down view.
Time flowed normally, it was not a turn based game.
It was definitely a 3D game.

I don't really have too much more than that. I played it when I was 10 or younger. I'm pretty sure the game started us off in the sewer area and we eventually progressed to the crypt area at some point. We never finished the game and I'm not sure how far in we got. Any suggestions or help is welcome. Thanks!
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