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A snowball fight game (2000s)

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:28 am
by abzack123
I played a game around mid 2000 and forgot the name of it. It should be a downloaded game with Japanese art style. I only remember the gameplay of it.

Platform: Windows XP
Perspective: Bird's eyes view
Genre: Action, sport
Graphic: 2.5D
No. of player: Single

The gameplay is pretty simple, I need to protect a friendly object(I forgot what is it) from the enemies. The object is surrounded by snow walls which can be destroyed by enemies snowball attack. I have to eliminate all enemies before the object is hit.

Each enemy has their own attack method, such as throwing snowballs like a shotgun, a high speed snowball, a giant snowball etc. If I remember correctly, all enemies are girls.

The game has different stages and maps. The snow walls can be destroyed by player and enemies. In higher stages, some enemies throw snowballs from a vehicle moving forth and back.

It does not have a story line and conversations. I am sure this game is not snow bros and snowcraft. Anyone knows what game is it? Thank you.