DOS Train game with side view

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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DOS Train game with side view

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I'm looking for a game, which was on DOS I think.

On the screen we could see only a small part of the rail. It was something like a bird view from the side. As I remember it was only on 2 levels, one on the lower part, and one could be higher, maybe it was a hill.
We could drive a train with a cat (?) maybe. On the rails we could switch between the upper or lower rails. The movement was only from right to left (or left to right).
Sometimes there was a heap of land, which we needed to dig out of the rail, and sometimes the rail was broken, and needed to go back to the last switch.
If we ran into the heap or the broken part, we lost a life, and needed to restart.

Does anyone recognize this game? :)

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DOS Train game with side view

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Hmm...a cat as train engineer? Is this a childrens/educational game then?

I haven't played that many train games in DOS...A-Train and Transarctica is about it, no cats that I recall.

Here is a long list of train-related games:
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