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Get a stickman from A to B by throwing pebbles at a bell, laying logs across gaps, getting rid of mines

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:03 pm
by Momalade
Been trying to remember the name of this one for a while.

2D game. Very early 2000s. Simple graphics with boulders, hills, rocks, tunnels. The setting of the first level is a small house on a hill, a ladder with a metal cover over it, and some rocks lying about. Your character is a stickman.

There are little things you can click on along the map (e.g.) a log is upended, and clicking it causes it to fall down. Or there's a window, and throwing a pebble at it causes somebody to open it. There's a bell, and throwing a pebble at it causes a man to come out of the house as well.

Also on the map are gaps - that your stickman falls into and dies if they're left uncovered - and mines.

The aim is to get your stickman from the start of the map to the end (left to right). When you click 'play', a stickman emerges and simply walks; you have no control over his movement. If you haven't clicked all the obstacles (e.g.) left a gap uncovered or not destroyed a mine with a pebble, the man dies and you fail.

Sometimes you have to time certain obstacles (e.g.) throw a pebble at a window as your man approaches it. If the timing is wrong then he also dies.

Only if you do everything correctly do you succeed. It's like a puzzle game, where you trial and error different combinations, different obstacles, until you succeed. Like a circuit, where you have to fill all the gaps so that the current can flow, except timing also does matter. Quite entertaining.

There's different levels of the game, with the first one being a town on a hill, then ones being centred about a lake, mountain etc.

If somebody does manage to find out the name of this game - it's quite niche so I'd be very surprised - I'll get their name tattooed on my arsecheek.