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Dark seafaring adventure game on Mac OS

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:17 am
by IrrationalBigBoy
Hello there!

I remember playing this game sometime in the early 2010s on a MacBook laptop, although I suspect the game itself was likely released sometime in the oughts judging by its graphics, maybe around 2003-2008. I am still unsure if it came out natively on the Mac or if it was ported over from the PC.

The main details of the game I remember are that your player character traveled between various locations on a boat (which was done via an interactive map bearing the various locations with little illustrations representing them), one of these locations being a desolate islet with a tower you could go inside, and the other being a larger island with a wooden structure that seemed to be where the main story started. I don't remember many details about the story besides the opening narration mentioning something about the player character seeking "seclusion" and that there was a seemingly ghostly voice inside the structure on the larger island warning you not to venture further.

I remember the overall aesthetic and color palette being fairly dark and rainy, evoking the imagery of a brewing storm. Admittedly I did not progress very far in the game, but hopefully these details are able to provide some help. Thanks everyone!