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A mysterious hidden objects / point and click

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2020 6:58 am
by Haroldette

When i was young i played a lot of games on my old computer (it was an app with a lot of free games) among these games there is one that i never finished and i want to but i forgot the name. I played it on windows, but i can't remember the year, but i think i played it after 2004

So here's a description of what i remember : It's a point and click game, with a side view, and we have to find objects in the room and resolve puzzle (i think).
I think we were alone in a big residence (i remember a beautiful gardien) and it seems like it's not normal that there is no one there.
The character we "play" (we never see her i think) seems to doesn't remember what happened and why everyone is gone.
It's a mystery and the game is quite colorful and beautiful, also i think but i'm not sure, as i remember, the decor seems like nature as taken over like it's been a long time since people were here.

It's been a long time so i don't remember anything else but i know that if i see the game i will immediately recognize it.

Thank you if you understand and find the game i'm searching for (also excuse me for my english, i am french so i think i made a lot of mistakes).