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PC 3D adventure game from around 90s to early 2000s

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:09 pm
by Tetra55
I played this game on PC in the early 2000s. The whole game was basically a story that this child is reading, the child was a witch, and the characters in the game are her toys. There are 4 main characters, which I think were a humanoid elephant, a robot, a human and a cat. It's 3rd person and you can pick which character you wanna play as at any time. The rest of the characters will follow you and I think you can give the other characters orders. The main story of the game begins with the elephant being stranded on the beach, and his first objective is to find the other 3 characters. Then I believe you would have to make a raft by chopping down some trees. At some point an evil witch would kidnap one of the characters, i believe the character you decided to play as last would be kidnapped, and the other 3 would have to go to this castle to save them. You fight the witch. At some point, either before being kidnapped or after escaping the castle, you have to fight a minotaur. And the end of the game shows the kid finishing the story. That's all I remember but I hope it's enough.