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Strategic laser-dodging orb game

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:41 am
by Ace Of Spades
There was a 2-D PC game I played this year (2020) and/or last year (2019, but the game itself could be much older, I don't know) where you play as two characters: a red orb and a blue orb. In this game, you go through many levels fighting and dodging red and blue lasers. In many of these levels, touching a laser with the orb of the same color will cause it to disappear, and that is how you advance and complete each level. Each level has different rules: sometimes the orbs are spinning in orbit around each other; sometimes the lasers will turn invisible after a second or two; sometimes there is only one orb that changes color momentarily; and many more.

Does anyone know the name of this game? The last place I played it was on kongregate if it helps. I unfortunately cannot find it within my recently played games, nor my search history.

Thanks in advance!

-Ace O'Spades

UPDATE 11/04/2020: looking through my achievements on kongregate, I found the game in question. It was Beam Ball