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PC game about dragon, 2006-2010

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 6:53 pm
by Mowmix
The game I am looking for was a pc game I could of sworn I played in early middle school, idk when it was created but I played it somewhere around 2008. It was in computer class and the I believe the title was written in a old style cursive. when you start the game you are a small dragon like creature with a third person camera flying on a rail system similar to star fox, were you fly but fight bosses back to back. You fly for a bit through a foggy battlefield then encounter a giant dragon that you had to fight as a first boss. after beating the dragon you fly a bit more and transition into a forest or swamp like area (their was a boss here too but I cant remember what it was but I am almost certain you had to pick up orbs and throw them at it). After beating the swamp boss you end up in a ocean and fight a sea creature of some sort, I remember flying under the waster and being scared. then after the ocean I think it was a canyon like area in which you fought a spider crab thing. I cant remember anything after that but I'm pretty sure each boss said something to you before each fight.