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A 2d PC fighting game where u could also play as kid Naruto

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2020 8:02 am
by Alpha6storm
It was a 2d versus game that i used to play around probably 2004-2006, The graphics were good even though it was 2d u could still make up characters faces like a Cartoon, it had a character called 'Sin' whose eyes were covered in shadows like you couldnt see his eyes at all and he wore an all black outfit, you could also play as kid naruto in the game, There were no other playable naruto characters, the game also had a boss lady whose final attack would rip off players clothes, ive searched for it for years online so im pretty sure it wasnt a mugen(maybe it was an unofficial game) and i still havent found it, any help would be appreciated, Thank you