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Windows RPG horror indie game (2010-17)

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 12:51 am
by anastasiawinslet
I forgot what platform I downloaded the game and played from. All I remember is it was a RPG indie game. The name most probably goes with Imagination but I couldn't find the game with that name.
The storyline goes, a girl used to stay in her house the entire day, in front of her computer. One day, in a vacation, her mum asks her to come to the grocery store with her and her brother. The girl didn't want to go and the mum was like "If you don't come, then I'll cut off your Internet connection!", so the girl went with them. She got separated from her mum and brother as she went to find...milk?...for them. Then when she comes back, she couldn't find them. She gets out of the store, probably was going to pass the security gate? when her environment changes, because of something, and she gets transferred to another world, where no person was there for her.
There is a teddy bear which saved my game records.
There was also a shadow whom I was supposed to avoid, it harmed my character.
I can't remember anything much that clearly.. But I think at the end, she goes to a kingdom where the king requests her to save the people from sadness, and she had the choice of whether to listen to the king or kill him.
However, she saves a little boy who was her childhood friend and whom she had abandoned. They together gets transferred to the girl's high school where she loses the boy and searches something. She most probably saves a girl too.
I can't remember what exactly happened at the end.

Your help is much appreciated!