Star Wars week

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Star Wars week

Post by 486 player »

Durin' t'is wee I watched all 6 episodes and t'is is 'em in order best to worse:

A New Hope
Return of the Jedi
Revenge of Sith
Empire Strikes Back
Attack of Clones
The Phantom Menace

Both trilogies are seperate stories. The link between 'em's very week (later characters onlyflits in the Sith's end. That's 'cause originals got older, but still.
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Post by dosraider »

I'm afraid that after 'A New Hope' and 'The Empire strikes back' I kinda disliked the way things were going.

Maybe I expected too much.

*Maybe .....
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Post by Santhosh CHRiS »

I dunno... after 'Empire Strikes Back' with Darth Vader it's all been downhill for Star Wars. It's too kiddy at times. Special effects are good but there's never any breath taking moments that make you really wonder or think anymore.

I prefer REAL science fiction type movies like 2001 Space Odyssey, Contact. I just read 2010 Space Odyssey. It was incredible but they ruined the movie because of a very low budget. Dr.Chandra an Indian computer scientist was played by an American Actor named Bob Balaban... WTF??! :angry:

Overall Star Wars has pushed down the market for these kind of movies sadly. It's all laser this laser that with machines and little green men running around in never ending battles to take over the universe... or something Hollywoodish :rolleyes:

Why aren't movies from science fiction books like "Childhood's End" ever made??!
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Post by cyb3r.god3 »

to me star wars will always be a trilogy, A New Hope, Empire and Return. the new ones were (to me) a disaster.
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