malware in installers supported by this site

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malware in installers supported by this site

Post by daantje »

This site sponsord spyware//malware

when installing a dos game from this site i get a exe file with the name of the game.

When installing i get a windows installer and it download malware/spyware like optimizer pro en many toolbars and install it without any warning.

I must reinstall windows.
why bundled this site spyware in their installers?

crap site i avoid this site.
This site let people download spyware/malware for free !
How much money pay optimizer pro for their installers on this site?
It is not done to let people download free games with spyware/malware.
Also admins on this site delete my postings about that .
If this person can delete my post contact me first about that.
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Demoniac Demo maniac
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Post by MrFlibble »

Moved your post because the Discussion Forum Trouble Reports is only for reporting problems in this forum.

Your previous message was deleted by mistake.
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Post by Jorrit »

Hello Daantje,
This evening I responded to your question by e-mail. As noted in that e-mail, the download program which DOS Games Archive uses does not include any malware, spam or viruses. Just let me know if you have any further questions.
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