anybody remember slam tilt pinball? (1996)

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anybody remember slam tilt pinball? (1996)

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I got it from the cd attached to pc gamer mag one year. but that was years and years ago, and besides it was only the demo and had the one table, but my god did i ever play the crap out of that demo.

always tried to beat my highscore in the 5 or 10 minutes you were alloted to play.
I really enjoyed the minigames in it except for that stupid one where you are racing and have to control the car with your flippers, i could do all of the mini games, but i hated that one.
I loved the chicken game found the music for that to be really intense, didn't much enjoy the minigame something about the game yells at you and then your engine is one fire and you usually exploded.

speed mode was pretty crazy too, and i just loved getting 5M or 10M or 20M or 50M or 100M + for some of the stunts for basically nothing and how it controlled so well and sounded pretty damn good for 1996.

anyone else played this game the full version and if so how are the other tables? i remember one had a pirate and another a dragon i think, but they were more of the open type of pinball table that i am not overly fond of.

vid of game here. ... l=bridgeff
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Post by wardrich »

I don't remember this specific one, but I remember a few of these classic Amiga pinball games. Pinball Dreams comes to mind.
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