Game Spotlight: Crusade in Space

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Game Spotlight: Crusade in Space

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I'm going through some old shareware CDs (currently 1000 Game for Windows on and came across a few games that appear to be gems worth knowing about amids the tetris clones, card games, and other forgettable items.

Crusade in Space

Crusade in Space is a fun Win 3.x "start with a planet, build fleet, take over universe!" game. The fully registered game came with a scenario editor. The game creators later created a set of scenarios to sell with the full game (sans-editor) in a more episodic model, sold the first one on CD as "Crusade In Space - The Zardula Incursion" sometimes still available on Ebay and Amazon with "purchase all scenarios in the campaign" up-sell text.

The full version of the game has been released as freeware by the publisher and can be downloaded from their "digital attic" at ( while the shareware is also available with other releases in (Cru117.exe). The published scenario episodes appear to be lost as far as my research went, other than the first one on the Zardula CD.

readme.1st wrote: CRUSADE IN SPACE version 1.17
Copyright 1994 Glacier Edge Technology
An MVP Software Production

CRUSADE is a game of spaceploitation, with you as the Emperor of
the galaxy, commanding a force of powerful starships and land
units to help to exercise your will. Your objective ... is
simply to conquer or colonize every planet in the galaxy!

This game is shareware. You may freely try it. If you like it
or find it useful, then you must register with MVP Software. To
"register" a shareware game means to purchase it directly from
the developer. (Shareware games are evaluation versions only,
which means you have the right to try them, but after trying them
you must either register them with the author or delete them from
your system. It is unlikely that anyone will check up on you, so
shareware works because of the honesty of users.) When you
register you will receive the entire Crusade in Space saga.

Crusade in Space is just $19.95 plus shipping. So order today!
Registered users receive a special offer on other MVP products.

This is volume one of the Crusade in Space saga.

... (read more in readme.1st in download)...
Download Win 3.x Shareware Version from the 1000 Games CD
Publisher freeware release of full version (download page)
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