Half-Life Source [old review found]

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Half-Life Source [old review found]

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And another ol'review, cleaning up stuffies .....

Half- Life source PC

Half- Life source
Publisher : Sierra Entertainment Inc.
Developer : Valve Corporation
Platforms : Windows, Xbox
Released : 2004
Half Life (first release)
Publisher : Sierra Online Inc.
Developer : Valve
Platform : Windows, Playstation 2
Released : 1998.
Whilst HL is installing the now useless Sierra Online utilities, HL source can only be installed and played whilst STEAM is also installed and running, history repeats itself again, one day STEAM will be as useless as Sierra Online. Released as a bonus game on the HL2 DVD it's in fact only a half game you get on the DVD, you will need to download the remaining files and activate it through STEAM. My opinion about this is to find in the HL2 review I wrote.

Included in the HL2 DVD this Half Life source. In fact it is the original game with some improved graphics. Better screen resolution, you can go up to 1600x1200, the original HL has a maximum screen res 1280x960. For good understanding: I am referring towards the original release without the graphics update who came with blue Shift. HL source has also a special LCD video mode, 1260x1024 resolution. Still not the same as the original game, you seem to have no choice regarding the difficulty level, no 'easy', 'medium' or 'difficult' setting here. What remains the same is the gameplay, pretty good, the story, and the flat looking NPC's ( Non-Player Character ).

When you watch the intro video you can see good ol'Barney trying to enter his workspot, slamming as Fred Flinstone on the door. Poor Barney, if he should know what we know after Blue Shift and HL2 he would have took a day-off. As said the story remains the same, you are playing as Gordon Freeman, you and your fellow scientists are screwing the whole Black Mesa up with the anomalies research project, situated deeply underground. Leaving an incredible mess and inviting the creatures from XEN on Earth. As it seems you are the only one left able to wear the HIV suit, you are volunteered to make your way up to the surface looking for help. On your way up you will have to fight the creatures who using the open portal and are invading the Black Mesa research facility. Other enemies will appear, the US Marines special forces ( yes the ones from Opposing Force -OPFOR ), send in to clean the enormous mess that you have created .Those aren't so easy to eliminate in battle as the XEN creatures, and they don't like Gordon, not at all. You will also make trips to XEN, enjoying some sightseeing there. Yep, Gordon gets a lot of action, lucky guy he is.

You will meet the G-man, the one who at the end will put you in stasis or cryo till he wake you up for HL2. I suppose the story is well known.The interaction with the NPC's is minimal, some predefined phrases, some help with secured doors that only the NPC's can open for you. The game itself has the same level of gameplay as the first HL : good, enjoyable. Lot's of action, puzzles who aren't too hard, mostly with a logical
base. You always can find a way out. Some levels are designed as huge mazes. Some other levels are pure action. Some a mix of both. The Xen levels are slightly weird.

The multiplayer seems to have vanished.

My personal quote for HL source: B

System requirements:
Same as for HL2 I presume, no specifications found @ Steam.
Some screenshots, the first two ones are divided,
the left side is from the original HL, the right side from HL source.

Further screens are from HL source.
Exploding barrels, taking some marines out.

Firing a RPG using the laser beam, aiming the chopter

Big fish with big teeth

They really don't like me

Oh nice, low ammo, low health and some extra commandos

Indeed hazardous material this one

Lovely XEN, where is my camera? Gonna take some snapshots for homesitters

Aha, the big boss, he wants to play, Nihilanth

Aha, the bigger boss, the one who is screwing you, G-men.
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