Half-Life [old review found]

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Half-Life [old review found]

Post by dosraider »

And found another one in my backups for that defunct AW site ...
It seems I was pretty badmooded those days ... lol


For good understanding:
This is about the original first release of HL.
I havebought original CD when it was released.
I play it single player modus.
Now trying on a modern PC with XPsp2.

So after all those years let's try this one again. I remember having a good time playing this game, nice graphics for its time and a pretty good story.
The install runs flawless, some soundcheck routine, no problems. It takes approx 3 minutes to install. The install includes a Sierra utilities online, some stuff are added, that is shit. I would appreciate it if before adding a whole bucket of stuff to my windows they ask if I want this shit. I don't want it, if everytime I install some game they add a whole bucket of stuff I don't want, now no wonder my windows is slowing down.

So let's play, whoops a warning, this version doesn't run well under XP, I need to patch it, now no problem, they have installed Sierra utilities , remember ?

Whoopsy, Sierra doesn't support this product anymore.
Qué ?
I bought this game, paid money, and now they say : "screw you dosraider".

Can I find the neccesary patches ? Yes by searching the net I certainly will.
As Sierra says screw you I also say screw you.

Sorry , no review, but a good advise : beware of Sierra games, they are worthless regarding their support.

Publisher : Sierra On-Line Inc.
Developer : Valve L.L.C.
Release : 1998

My quotes:
B for the game itself.
D for the publisher.
wardrich wrote:The contrasts in personalities will deliver some SERIOUS lulz. I can't wait.
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