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Off-road & semi post-apocalyptic Racing game from 2000's

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Joined: 08 Oct 2018
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:52 pm     Post subject: Off-road & semi post-apocalyptic Racing game from 2000's Reply with quote


I was looking people who could help me identify this game according to my description and memory, i just need to make sure if i'm not hallucinating or being delusional about this, because this game always bugs my mind but i can't remember the title but i assume it's a game from 2002-2004 because the graphics is actually quite decent.

What bugs me the most is that my female cousin's computer and one of my friend's computer has this game INSTALLED on their computers, i also remember that my PC also got this installed but not for a very long time since my brother reinstalled the Windows.

I played this game around year 2004-2006 on my own PC, cousin and friend, it was some kind of Off-road game but has a semi Post-Apocalyptic theme because the cars that we're using are bunch of junk cars, i'm just gonna write the important point:

1. The game consist of some cars, what i remember the most is a rusty but a hot-rodded yellow Taxi (Probably similar to Twisted Metal: Black's Yellow Jacket) and a buggy car made from oil black drums, i only remember those 2 clearly but all other cars are also junk and rusty car and most of them didn't have doors.
2. The Driver model is a blonde short haired male wearing white shirt.
3. The Driver COULD yell "Yeehaaw" when making a jumps or (If i remember correctly) taunt other drivers, making the game kinda funny.
4. The Tracks: Many of them are deserts and brown colored tracks BUT it has 2 certain tracks that i remember the most: A Jungle and ARCTIC, in the Arctic (Or Ice themed track) there are Penguins which you can RUN OVER but not harming them, this game is for sure a comedy game, if i remember it clearly, there are also other animals in every different tracks, i think one of the track has Elephant in it and your car will flip over if you ram the elephant.
5. The car handling are very arcade-ish and the race is very fast-paced, you can ram other cars resulting madness.
6. Graphics actually looks like Return to the Castle Wolfenstein.

At least that's what i remember from the game, it really bugs me that i can't remember the title and it's because the graphics and gameplay are quite decent and unique for such an unpopular title, but back at the first paragraph, which bugs me the most is why my cousin and friend also has this game installed.

I hope anyone could help me identify this game, i only play this game for such a short period of time, i already searched MobyGames but no luck.

And the most important thing, i hope i'm not delusional or hallucinating because you know, childhood memory could be wrong.
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Joined: 06 Dec 2018
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:28 pm     Post subject: Reply with quote

I think im searching for the same game for some years and couldn't find it. Let's hope that someone will get the answer, anyways if I will find it earlier, I'll get you to know.
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