"Simon Shares" or similar

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"Simon Shares" or similar

Post by Guest1 » Sat Aug 09, 2008 7:30 pm

Hi y'all. I used to play this OLD DOS game called "Simon Shares". I can't believe that's the correct title, however, because I've been unable to find it despite much searching. I will describe it below:

You are a sailor or something, going someplace on a ship. Somehome (storm?) you end up wrecked on an island. It is first-person, point and click I believe. You started off viewing an exceptionally beutiful sunset, your wrecked ship beached to your left, and a jungle opening to the right. Graphics are hard to place. Maybe VGA? It is not Monkey Island nor Simon the Sorcerer as is often suggested.

(Note: If you've ever played a Family Games game, such as Santa's Secret Valley [www.familygames.com for full list], I believe the interface was similar to that.

I very much want to find the game again and figure out that dern jungle! :D Anyone who finds this game or gives me leads that help me to eventually find it is my dogon hero. :)


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Post by Asahammer » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:28 pm

Wow... wow, wow, wow. Really? I can't believe I've been looking for this game for 11 years... I had forgotten I made this post. This is some hardcore necro, but I think it's within the rules since I am the OP, and still haven't found it... maybe 11 years later there's somebody here who will recognize what I'm talking about.

It's infuriating to me. I remember so many other obscure little games accurately from my childhood that I can't believe I just completely invented this one. The closest game I've found so far is Isle of the Dead - it's graphically similar to what I remember, and it has point and click parts, but I don't remember "Simon Shares" being a first person shooter.

Anyone wanna bite?

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Post by MrFlibble » Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:31 am

Hmm, your description reminded me of Weird Island somewhat but I don't remember the graphics there being particularly stunning.

Could "Simon Shares" be the publisher's name? There was a company called Simon & Schuster Interactive. Here's the full list of their games at MobyGames:
https://www.mobygames.com/browse/games/ ... ist-games/

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