Category description: There are some PC games which merit a category of their own, some perhaps because they are not easily classified in any of the other categories, while others because they are such classics they simply must be set apart from the rest. This category includes PC remakes of popular arcade games.
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Views: 14,1521994SharewareClassic Jon Cortelyou
DEFCON 1 is a competent Missile Command clone. This one involves the "evil" Switzerland trying to take over the world. … VIEW


Views: 2,0951995SharewareClassic Softlair Computer Products
Defender is a clone of ... Defender. If you've never played the classic arcade game, it's a horizontal shooter where you … VIEW

Digger Remastered

Views: 48,3961999FreewareClassic Windmill Software
Quite similar to the classic games DigDug and Mr.Do, this game gained some sort of PC gaming cult status. I had a couple … VIEW
Tags: classic  digger  cga


Views: 16,8211981FreewareClassic Bill Gates and Neil KonzenIBM
Donkey (originally DONKEY.BAS) was a game included the original IBM PC (as part of PC_DOS). Thus it is, in a sense, the … VIEW

Double Pacman

Views: 27,5171994FreewareClassic Breadbin Games
Double Pacman is a well-done rendition of the arcade classic game with the added feature of offering two-player … VIEW

Eat It

Views: 13,3511990FreewareClassic Marko Teittinen
Eat It is a Pac-Man clone. The author is careful to never make reference to the classic arcade game in the included … VIEW

EGA Roids

Views: 10,8401986SharewareClassic Designer Software
A pretty good conversion of the classic game 'Asteroids'. You won't find any bells & whistles here, but it does present … VIEW

Frog Man

Views: 8,7681997SharewareClassic Saber Software
Frog Man is a Frogger clone. It stars a frog crossing the street followed by a river, it plays the same, and it kinda … VIEW

Frogger Jr

Views: 1,0791984FreewareClassic DdF
Frogger Jr is a CGA adaptation of Frogger, or maybe more accurately a clone of Hopper which is itself a clone of … VIEW
Tags: classic  arcade  frogger  frog  cga

Galaga 94

Views: 1,7751994FreewareClassic Arnold Pichler
Galaga 94 is a fairly basic Galaga clone, unsurprisingly unsanctioned by Namco. Created in the year 1994, the graphics … VIEW

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