Tue July 28 2020, 6:18pm / Darren

Today I swapped in a new version of the DOSBox web browser code. While in the past the site used an old version of DOSBox Emscript-ified for the web (I actually can't even remember where I got it originally!) the site is now running the latest version of js-dos. This should lead to better overall compatibility. Also some people noted that the full-screen button didn't work for them; this upgrade should hopefully fix that problem. I will be testing all of the games (yes, all 1,100+) to make sure they work in the new emulator, and in case any are broken, I can still set them to fall back to the old version. Hopefully some of the games not currently browser-playable will be playable now too. Exciting times!

Special thanks goes to js-dos for the easy-to-use web implementation of DOSBox!

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