Fri November 2 2018, 5:17pm / Darren

Great news for fans of retro platformers: The entire three-part Jill of the Jungle trilogy was released for free by today.

Jill of the Jungle was one of the earliest releases by Epic MegaGames (now Epic Games), after the company got its start as Protomac Computer Systems with the ZZT series. Initial marketing regarding the game describes it:

This 256-color scrolling arcade game  was an Epic bestseller for 18 consecutive months! Packed with Super Nintendo quality animation, effects and a Sound Blaster sound track. Enter the enchanting, vivid jungle and experience the adventure of a lifetime! Supports CGA, EGA, and VGA graphics. (FILE_ID.DIZ)

GOG comments regarding the release:

Re-discover this cult platform series from Epic starring a spunky amazon lady who can morph into various animals in order to access unreachable areas and kick copious amounts of evil butt.

Download the Jill of the Jungle Trilogy here. (Free registration is required if you don't already have a GOG account.)

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