Fri December 7 2018, 8:20pm / Darren

It's nearly 2019, so I wanted to post a quick website update. The site-wide refresh to v2.0 in June brought huge positive changes to the website, and generally I've been pleased with the results. I haven't had much negative feedback, which is great, and many people have applauded the changes. (If you have improvement ideas please submit your suggestions!)

Since then I've continued adding games. Almost 150 have been added since the launch of v2.0, and we will definitely hit 800 total games by 2019. And I have literally hundreds of games on my list of "to be added" and "check this game out" games, so there will be new (old) games being added to the website for a long time to come! (Plus people keep making new DOS games! See for example and

There have also been numerous other improvements, such as:

  • Author listing page which lists all devs/publishers on the website
  • DOSBox compatibility links added for every game that has an entry on the official DOSBox website
  • Shareware cost added (some are missing that info, if you see a shareware game without pricing listed and have a source for it please let me know)
  • Dozens of game screenshots cleaned up (back in the early days I used some high-compression low-quality JPGs)
  • Site search improvements such as adding a "Titles only" option to the Advanced Search
  • Company logos added to a few devs/publishers, still many more to go
  • Catalogs added to the Game Company Catalogs page
  • Numerous database updates to fix things like incorrect license (some games that were listed as shareware are actually freeware) or correct the developer and/or publisher
  • Dozens of tweaks, bug fixes, and tiny improvements that no one but me would ever notice!

Thank you for your kind support! If you would like to help me continue this work (adding more content and new/improved features) please consider visiting the donation page to see how you can help (not all ways involve giving $$$). Happy holidays & merry Christmas!

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