Sat August 4 2018, 7:19pm / Darren

Bio Menace was released 25 years ago! In celebration of this release, 3D Realms has posted some great freebies, including the beta release of the game. From their Facebook post:

25 years ago today, Snake Logan was unleashed on the world!

Snake is the star of Bio Menace, which celebrates its 25th birthday today! The game was originally released on Aug 3, 1993! Bio Menace was the creation of Jim Norwood, who also went on to be one of the co-creators of the original version of Shadow Warrior!

Bio Menace was released at the hight of our time in the 90's putting out side scrollers. We had a few published at this time (the original Duke Nukem, Commander Keen), so this was a popular game. It was later released as freeware on Dec 23, 2005, so it has been free to play for some time now. [Continue reading]

The beta release has been added as an "extra file" on the Bio Menace page on

See the Facebook post for links to other bonus material like a brief interview with creator Jim Norwood, a video of the secret "Apogee room", and more. There's no post about it on the official 3D Realms website (yet?) but there's a post on the forums.

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